About Us

Limited liability company Toya,  registered for plastics processing acts from year 1991.

At that time with 10-odd employees began processing polyethylene. Foils for food industry, various heatcollecting foils and plastic bags were produced.

Development of methods and techniques of packaging products in the diary industry,  affected investments in new production plant and profiling activities. So 1998. investment was made in the plant for the production of cups and pots out polistirena and polypropylene.

Today, with 70 employees and business cooperation with all leading dairies like the constant increase of interest of buyers from overseas, Toya enjoys confidence as a serious manufacturer of plastic packaging. Satisfaction in doing business with us is reflected in the characteristics that make us distinctive, and they are creating a product in accordance with your wishes and needs.

Thanks to a serious approach, experience and professional team, Toya Grupa d.o.o. is established producer of packaging for the Dairy industry and is one of the few companies that has subsisted in the industry. That is possibile because of constant investments in development and modernization of production capacities with the aim of harmonization with modern technologies.

Taking into care the needs and demands of existing customers, quality and distinctive products, with daily involvement in further training, it is our intention to fulfill the expectations of current and potential business partners in order they choose our product first and every second time.